Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wrinkles and You Know..."The Droopies!"

Okay, considering I have lost a great deal of weight I never realized that I have actually grown, should I dare say it, "OLDER!"  Yes, it is true.  The wrinkles do not lie.  I moisturize daily several times and I am frantic about it after a shower because of water droplets that remain on my skin where I leave them there specifically to hold on to the water moisture that I so dreadfully and deliberately take out of my skin on a daily basis.

  I know, I know...but I love the sun.  It makes me feel better and during the summer months I have NO PAINS in my joints. 
 If I do, they are GYM related.

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But I have become thought filled with the aspects of actually having some plastic surgery.  Not what you are thinking though.  Not a face lift...GOD forbid!

 I am thinking I will have my stomach done for sure.  
But I have thought about face lifts lately and especially watching some celebrities that go under the knife or get "puffed up" for 3 months at a time.  It is just not the progression of things is it?

I mean, one could still know that you are aging if they personally know you or glance at certain areas of your body.  Knees are a for sure sign that you are older.
Skin between your legs.  The ever icky "ARM WINGS!"  Yes, those may have to be tucked as well.
But what about these parts?

Yes, so wrinkles are on my mind.
I eat well.  Better than I have ever eaten in my life.  Food is fuel
But do not get me wrong.  I do allow myself a bite or two of something
sinfully good.  Although, it is followed by the "how many calories were in those two bites?" 
"What was the fat content of those two bites and how many grams of sugar?"
It can be nerve boggling.

I eat a great deal of protein.  Lean protein I might add.  Oatmeal is at least 3 days a week. 
 I add almond slivers for the texture.
I drink a great deal all day long.  Water, Tea, and Green Tea.  I am an lemon addict.
Vinegar, Tomato, Onion, Fresh Garlic, Cilantro, Jalapeno, and Feta Cheese.
My go to snack.

I just want to know...
why can't wrinkles be cute?

Know what I mean?

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