Thursday, February 28, 2013

Winter Blahs!!!!

It is official!  I am so over Winter and her harsh, cold, wet, and dark windy days.
I long for the hot days of Summer.  I love the feel of sun on my face.  
I am looking forward to a creative retreat in a week with some of my girls at a B&B.
Pajamas, Cocktails, Scrappy Fun, Gossip, Giggles and of course, sleeping when it is time.

But until then...I will share a few photos that I took over this past Christmas Holiday.

Stephen and Katie-December 2012
 Stephen and Katie were engaged in New York City on December 14, 2012.
He proposed to her to be his wife and of course, she said yes. 
Stephen and Katie - December 2012
 The Wedding will take place in Atlanta on August 10, 2013.
We are busy planning our part as well as getting really excited about Katie becoming a vital part of our family.  She is a sweet girl and we are very happy for both of them. 
Stephen and Katie- December 2012
One day after church in December 2012, when we were celebrating our Christmas, we went and had photos taken on a foot bridge in Bowling Green.  The morning light with overcast was near perfect.
We used the family photo as part of our Happy New Year Card and on the back we announced Stephen's engagement to Kate.  They really turned out well.
The Kids -minus Lil'Zac
 Zachary and Kaleb have since moved back to Georgia and they both seem really happy.
So, it is just Brian, Brianna, and myself left here in Bowling Green.  Feels kind of weird at times.
I guess this means that we have to make more trips to Georgia to visit everyone.
Kaleb and Zachary - December 2012
 I am just a firm believer that you can take the boys out of the mountains but you cannot take the mountains out of the boys.  The connections and family back in Georgia constantly called Kaleb and Zachary.  I know they were just in Kentucky for us.  They gave it a go and they just did not find their niche.  
Zachary - December 2012
 Zachary is still trying to find his way after serving in the US Army and his tour to Iraq.
Adjustment seems to be the "norm" for our soldiers.  It is sad really when you think about it.
The Brothers - Zachary and Kaleb - December 2012
 Kaleb enjoys working for the tree service and loves working out doors.
He has a year of college under his belt and decided it was just not for him.
It takes all of us to make the world go round.  He is making his own way just fine.
Kaleb - December 2012
Brianna is in Spring Volleyball.
I am trying to get used to staying home again.  I am looking forward to warmer days and sun on my face.  Bicycle riding in the evenings.  Weekends at festivals and preparing for the impending marriage of Stephen and Katie.  It is going to prove to be a great year for sure.

Until then...this gloomy day will just have to do.


Shannon Wyman said...

Sounds like there have been many changes in your life Kimberly, and I am so with you on this winter weather. I'm SO over it!!
Those boys of yours are so handsome... good thing (for them) I'm not single living in Georgia! (wink)
Here's to warmer days ahead my friend!

Shannon Wyman said...

And congratulations to Stephen and Katie too!