Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Finally, Spring Weather...

I have not been active on my blog lately, simply because I have been busy with different activities.
Volleyball is big right now for us along with working in the yards and enjoying family time with cooking out and playing yard games such as Cornhole/Rathole. 
 I recently went on a scrapbooking retreat at The Narrow Way Bed and Breakfast 
They are loads of fun and I plan on hanging with these creative ladies more often.

This was my fourth month this year visiting Roger and Karen at "The Narrows," as we call it.
I have had a great time each and every month, too.

Here are a few of my latest scrapbook pages.  
I am currently making cards and doing a great deal of stamping and embossing.
I will be sharing those at a later date.

 We are anxious for SUMMER BREAK!  
Only 7 weeks until we head to the beach for a week of fun.

This summer will be full of all kinds of excitement.
Until next time, HAPPY SPRING!