Friday, August 14, 2015

Getting it DONE!

Determined to scrapbook the photos I had printed for scrapping.
Yep, I am getting it done.
The light shadows are changing.  We have (in the previous days) crisper mornings.
I am feeling a change.
But...I refuse to give up on SUMMER!
Brian and I plan on going to the waterpark tomorrow.
Tonight, ATLANTA FALCONS pre-season game. 
We will be tailgating at home and we are just so shocked it is going to be televised in out area.  Usually, the Titans trump the stations.

Hard to believe that today is the Fourth Day of School.
Brianna is adjusting to the earlier time of getting up and leaving the house at 6:45 AM.
I also believe, she is really enjoying 7th Grade.
Have a great weekend!


Michelle said...

Awesome layouts!

amarie said...

Seems like you are ready for fall. I am still in summer mood...