Thursday, August 27, 2015


I love the verse, Luke 6: 37.
We as "social humans" tend to be more judgmental with the all of the technology and minute to minute updates on one another's lives.  I remember when I had a pen pal that it would take a week to get the letters she wrote me.  So, the average in a month was about 4 to five letters.  This was because we were having a conversation back and forth.  We both wrote one another well into our 20's.
My heart sometimes hurts with what I see posted
 in mainstream media and social venues in the world of technology and "keeping in touch." 
With that said,  it is still hard not to read it.  I just choose not to share my opinion. 
 In an open forum.
It is like a "train wreck/car wreck," you just cannot look away.
I must remind myself daily to continue to carry my daily cross and seek God.

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