Thursday, May 5, 2016

National Scrapbooking Day, Derby, and Beech Bend!

This is always one of my favorite weekends.
Soaking in rays, watching the Kentucky Derby, and an evening in my studio!

Yep, this is happening! Under Construction and Coming Soon...

I created these fabulous invitations to send out to special people.
They are currently on their way for all of us to participate and bless a special family far away.
Yes, this is for my "Under Construction, Coming Soon," Grandson!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Life is Happening Faster these Days

What has been going on?  Lots!  Recently had the living room and kitchen repainted.  I am purging my rooster collection.  Still deciding to divide it up and give to my children and their families or simply sell it at a local consignment store.  The roosters are all over 14 years.  The only two I will keep will be the roosters my mother made when she was pregnant with me and they will be handed down, of course.  I went to a Crop for A Cure in February.  I really enjoy getting together and sharing creative time with other paper addicts.  So, today I finally took photos of the pages I completed in 8 hours.  Minus the giggles, eating and googling other work from great ladies. 
In addition, the following:
Lunch with one of my best friends and taking in the warm weather
Soaking in some natural Vitamin D
Reading a Book
Spring Break camping for the week
Creating a special Baby Shower Announcement
So, here without further ado...

This Summer is going to be fabulous. 
New babies being born, vacations, travel, and lots of outside fun.
Seriously, I cannot wait to soak in the rays!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Holy Scrap! Retreat time Batman...

I have been scrapbooking this week, shocker. 
I am so stoked about next week. 
Yepper, 5 of us are taking our goodies and staying in a villa at Barren River State Park.
We always have such a great weekend with giggles, scrapbooking, cooking, and
I just cannot wait!
In the meantime, here are some pages I have completed this week.

Well, off to the gym this evening. 
I hope I can get motivated.
Have a great week!

Friday, November 13, 2015

Wishing, I were there...

This is the first Fall since moving to Kentucky that I have not gone on a Scrapbooking Retreat.
Makes me kind of sad, really.  But we are planning on a retreat for Winter.  I plan on retreat for Spring as well.  I love and need those special moments away to be creative, silly, and have lots of girl talk and shopping at 1:00 AM and riding the rascal around the store.
Truly, this is the best time to go shopping.  No one is out and about.
So, this weekend I plan on doing some Christmas shopping and start my decorating.
I want to get back in my studio and make some special items for family.
This is my favorite time during the Holiday Season.
Thanksgiving and lots of love.
November is a month of great loss for our family and
 I like to remember and glimpse back at the memories that have made it to my pages. 
Those with us, those that have left us for a higher place, and those that are miles away. 
 I love you all.  You are NEVER forgotten.
You live within my scrapbooks.
Here are a few of my latest additions.

Hard to believe the two layouts above are from last year this weekend!

Tomorrow, Georgia will be at Auburn.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Busy Time of Year!

A few weeks ago I went to Camp Glisson in Dahlonega, Ga.  It was a great time seeing people I had not seen in years and taking the time to walk "literally" down memory lane and share a bit of our lives with one another.  Friends in Christ are Forever.

This is not everyone. Some of us were still walking around camp and taking in the new and wonderful happenings and growth that the camp has undergone throughout the previous decades since we were here.  We celebrated Rev. Bob Lanford.  He was instrumental in the success and preservation of Camp Glisson in the middle 70's to early 80's.
LUKE 12: 35 & 36
I am excited about the Holidays coming up. 
Thanksgiving is a great time of the year for me.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Inspired by My Church!

Inspired with what is going on my church.
I love series teachings.
I love knowing that we have an agenda.
This allows me insight and a time to reflect and prepare.
I am journaling more in my Faith Journal these days versus my Bible Journaling.
I hope to share those as well, soon.
Have a great Thursday!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Behind the Eight Ball...

Simply trying to get caught up.  I have been scrapbooking and traveling back to Georgia for reunions and such here recently.  We are in the throws of volleyball, academic team, and of course football weekends with our favorite teams.  Fall is just as busy as Summer.
I love it.
PSALM 16:11
PSALM 33:5
These are great passages from the Bible.  I urge you to take a gander and try Bible Journaling.
It is greatly rewarding.