Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bowling Green, Kentucky...

is where we will be moving to very soon. So, I thought I would share some of the things we have learned about the new City and State we will be moving to.

1. Forbes Magazine's 2008 ranking of Bowling Green for industry location, and expansion, in cities of its size.
2. Bowling Green is ranked in the top 4% of Kentucky Communities for the number of residents who walk or bike to work.
3. Western Kentucky University is in Bowling Green.
4. 54,244 ~Bowling Green's estimated population, 2007 (U.S. Census Bureau)
5. Studio Calico is located in Bowling Green. (yippee)
6. The cost of living is less than the national average.
7. National Geographic Adventure Magazine has described Bowling Green, the center of the region, as a place that "could inspire a complete and total life change."
8. Housing costs that are 20.6% lower than the national average.
9. Award winning public school districts.
10. Unemployment rate is 2.1%.
11. Historic Town and Country Homes (Victorian Era)
12. The state of Kentucky and Bowling Green was occupied by both the South and North during the war between the states. (Civil War)
13. One hour from Nashville, Tennessee.
14. Local Artisans, Theatre, Music, and Festivals year round.
15. National Geographic Adventure recently rated Bowling Green one of the 50 best places to live in the United States.
16. National Geographic Adventure touts, "ideal mix of terrain, activity, and opportunity."

Well, I simply could go on an on...but you can google Bowling Green and get a since where we are headed on our next adventure in life.
So now you know....we are moving!


laurel said...

Mom went to college in Bowling Green. Sounds like a lovely place. Hope you love it and enjoy it.

Hillary Halbig, South Central Kentucky Kids on the Block said...

Bowling Green is a pretty neat place. I've been here for about 5 years starting out in college and decided to stay here for employment.
I'm the development director for a local nonprofit organization named Kids on the Block. I really like your work and was wondering if you'd ever be interested in volunteering your talent.
You can learn more about our organization through our blog at:

Good luck with youre move to Bowling Green.

Anabelle said...

What an adventure! Best of luck!
Love your new blog look and your picture. And your layout in the previous post is just stunning!!!