Saturday, January 10, 2009

The View from my Scraproom...

The View
It's no secret that I am an early bird. This was not the case in my "younger" years. I get up way before dawn and have my TAWG then get on the computer and breeze through my email and go to specific websites that are my favorite. I check in with my son over in Iraq via email and sometimes I find the silence to give me great solace. I believe that the DAWN is God's moment and I always try to view the colors of a new day.

I took these photos on the Dawn of January 1, 2009. This is the morning break view from my scraproom. It is a glorious site and it changes from season to season and I really like watching the sun brighten the day.

I often wonder what other people notice about the dawning of new days. Are they hurried and rushed or is there this moment of complete awe and thanks? I am always in awe of a new day. It means life is continuing whether or not there are trials and tribulations or wonderful celebration. I am looking forward to this new year no matter what the journey unfolds. So, do you think to find the sunrise in the morning? Ever thought of the silence? It can be deafening but for just one minute lay all your burdens and chores away and take in the majestic glory of HIS handiwork.

What is the view from your scraproom?


Lucy Chesna said...

love the photos

I have something special on my blog for you

Veronica K. said...

Lovely view. Great pictures. :)

danielle thompson said...

WOW! good for you getting up so early to enjoy your time. Beautiful view! :)