Friday, March 20, 2009

First Day of Spring!

Spring has Sprung!
I love this time of year. Warmer temperatures and blooms everywhere.

We have had family in from the Philippines this week. We were so excited to learn that my cousin Mike flew in unexpectedly with his wife May. So, I picked them up and heard all the details of their trip and of course the re-entry to the United States via Hartsfield-Jackson Airport here in Atlanta. 3 hours it took them to go through customs. WOW! This is May's first trip to the United States and she is thrilled to be here. We took May out to eat Mexican food and she loved it! I also took them to Dahlonega yesterday and to the lake. She had never seen trees without their leaves. It never gets below 70 degrees where she lives and of course she was freezing. She has a great laugh and her English is better than most Americans. It is very proper. She is learning some slang as well. She is a teacher and very bright. We are happy that she and Mike met as she has made him very happy. They will be married 2 years this coming Summer and it has taken this long for her to get the VISA she needed to enter the United States. It is wonderful to show her things that we take for granted here in the States. She was amazed by our dishwasher. She is just the cutest thing every when experiencing things for the first time. We were in a store in Dahlonega and they had an old timey player piano and I put the quarter in and she really enjoyed the history of the area as well.
As we walked through the different shops I found many items that inspired me. I fell in love with a few things and of course took pictures so that I can show my husband and have him make them for me with a few adjustments to the design. Here is one of the tables that really caught my eye. I could not believe they wanted $400.00 for this table. TOTAL shocker! ---->

I purchased many items as I always do when I go to these shops. The square is more commercialized than when I lived in Dahlonega, however, it is still one of the loveliest places to visit and enjoy the local craftsmen such as Brad Walker. He is a potter and I have know him for about 17 years. His shop was not open as he was at the doctor's office for the day. But I always enjoy seeing him and wanted to introduce him to May. I wanted her to see him throw some clay. "Back in the Day," I used to sketch tourists characitures on the square and I always enjoyed setting up near Brad's store. He is quite the character and wonderful artist! The funny thing is that Fudge Factory had just opened and of course I found the Mike and May sitting out eating some fudge while I was seeing an old friend next to Brad's store. I came out with a package of goodies and they were munching away and giggling. So, it was a much needed shot to take. Nothing like a sugar rush at 10:00 AM. Of course, they are still on Philippine time and it was the late evening for their bodies. One of my favorite shots is of a dog peeking out of the doorway from a local shop and he was a cutie pie. The Winedog Pet Boutique is really a neat little shop. So much has changed on this little square. But I still enjoy gandering and it was a perfect morning to soak in the local flavor before it becomes full of tourists on the weekend. The turn of the century architecture and legends of haunts is always a favorite of mine and I walked out of a store with two autographed copies of Amy Blackmarr's Dahlonega Hauntings. I will send one copy to my son Zachary stationed at Fort Hood, TX as he was born here in Dahlonega. Amy is working on her second book of hauntings in Dahlonega. She had so many stories and photos that a sequel is being written to accompany her first book. So, I cannot wait to relax with a coffee and read where I have actually walked and lived.
So much fun!
Well, this is my post for today and I plan on doing some creating this weekend and I hope you have a terrific first SPRING weekend.

SIDE NOTE: The layout in my previous post is Mike. That was then...these pictures of Mike are now.

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