Monday, July 13, 2009

Alive and Well in Bowling Green, Kentucky!

We have made it to Bowling Green, Kentucky. Brian is getting dressed for his "official" first day in Bowling Green at work instead of being a "visitor" conducting business. We arrived Thursday morning around 9:AM C.T. and within 45 minutes we met several neighbors that came to our door and introduced themselves to us. It was great. I feel like I live on a street from the show, "Bewitched." Everyone and I do mean, EVERYONE here seems to be very nice and sincere. Heck, just going to the grocery store was a pleasure. Everyone here has manners and goes out of their way to greet you as your eyes meet. This is NO exaggeration. It is as though we have lived here for years. The neighbors next to us we have gotten to know over a 2 hour conversation in our backyards. They are transplanted from Southern California and they would not live anywhere but here. We are lucky enough to live in the district of the number 1 school in our county as well. It is comforting to know that everyone is nice and opens themselves up for new friends here. In Atlanta, people go for years in their subdivisions and NEVER meet anyone. Smiles are rare and everyone is in a rush. But here, "rush hour" if you want to call it that...lasts about 45 minutes. By rush hour, I mean having to wait at the light and turn with maybe 5 cars in front of you. Funny, our neighbor told us the road heading into one of the main streets says it may take you 10 minutes to get to the main drag. We giggled. This is NOT traffic that is for sure. Brian only works about 5 minutes away and our neighbor told him he needed to be prepared for this morning as it may take him about 15 minutes to get to work instead of the "quick skip" as he called it. Once again, Brian snickers and says "I'll make sure I account for the time." So far, I cannot find anything to dislike about Bowling Green. This is a golden town for sure. This is what America truly is...I hope it can stay a secret for years to come. Many people come here to vacation and site see. This area is known for its grand acres of rolling fields of crops and the underground caves. Our subdivision actually has a river running underneath. Caves are everywhere. Truly amazing. Can you tell I am excited? Well, after already unpacking over 70 boxes and new furniture coming today that we purchased at Thornton Furniture (local family store), I plan on starting with my decorating. That is the fun part of moving. Not all the stuff in between. I am equally excited as our son from Fort Hood heading to Fort Carson will be taking a BIG DETOUR to come by and spend about 5 days with us and he is bringing "the girl." We are excited and we are opening our hearts to our intended daughter-in-law. I am sure we will have fun exploring our new town and creating memories with one another.

Well, this is it for now. Just wanted to pop on here and let you all know we are doing well and are excited about our new home, new town, and our new friends!


Sherry said...

It sounds wonderful! I am so glad that you're getting settled in and enjoying this new adventure!

Rebecca said...

I want to move there! Glad to hear you are getting settled and the move was relatively uneventful!

sherbear said...

Im glad you are there and getting settled in. THe house is great. I love it. I am glad you have wonderful neighbors. It sucks having no so wonderful neighbors as you know ;). lol
Take care and have fun!!

Heather said...

So glad that you are safe and sound! Sonds like a great beginning to your new adventure. Love ya guys!

Erica said...

Kimberly it sounds wonderful! So glad you are settling in and enjoying the move. the house looks lovely- can't wait to see some of your decorating skills.

I here you about the "traffic" we felt the same way moving from the NJ shore to Maine. Goota love the local traffic.

Keep having fun!!!

Shannon Wyman said...

Kimberly it sounds like you've discovered a little pc. of heaven there! So glad you getting settled and enjoying your new surroundings.