Sunday, July 5, 2009

If you make a face in my camera...I will SCRAP IT!

When will family and friends learn to NOT make funny faces into a "scrappers camera?" Basically, we will find a way to scrap it. In this layout, my husband was making a funny face after the waiters at the Mexican Eatery in Pensacola sang a Birthday song to him. So, you know I had to scrap it!
We are in the process of moving this week but I have set some posts that will appear each day with a new layout that I have created. I cannot wait until my scrap room is unpacked and in order for me to have more fun with my photos. So, keep in mind...if you look into my camera and make a silly face, you will be scrapped! Have a terrific Monday!


Rachael said...

I seriously love this LO!! I saw it in the SC gallery and left you some love there but i had to leave you some more! I LOVE IT!! Great job!

Heather Prins said...

I love this!!!!!!!!

Shannon Wyman said...

Ha, ha, ha... that will teach him eh? ;) Love this layout.. so fun!