Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Papaya Art

I love color. In our last house we downsized quite a bit. I stored most if not all of my colorful art and bohemian love of fun art and whimsical madness that screamed...I am definatly a child of the 60's. In our new house, the main part is mixed with my art, my mother's paintings, and the ecclectic style of old meets new. I love the mix of antiques with Early American styles. I at one time, thought that fine lines and equal symmetry appealed to me. But I was wrong. While I can decorate this style...it simply is not my personality at all. My decor is taking a wild change. Influenced with some religious art and pops of color dominate the main living space and I have a guest bedroom that is influenced by the late 1880's and art from the Civil War era. In our new home, I have a studio. It is up narrow stairs (a loft if you will) and I plan on not sticking to a theme of color or restrictions. It will be the place that screams inspiration and anything goes. While the furniture will be more neutral tones~my accents and walls will be a mixture of what I have created and what inspires me. This leads me to share a favorite shopping place that inspires me to open my spirit up.
It is Papaya Art. I love their papers, their artist (her blog is the very first one posted to the right here-Ana----->) You must read all about her art studio HERE as well! Here are some of my favorite goodies.

I am so in love with the different wrapping papers. So much, that I plan on framing a few for my artful space that gives me a great deal of pleasure and I plan on spending an average of 4 hours a day in my studio after school starts on August 4th.Papaya Art has all kinds of wonderful art that decorates the everyday functional items such as folders, planners, calendars, and yes they even have fabulous gift tags.Gift Tag

For the scrapper or BINDER lover they have fabulous 3 ring binders for only $10.00 that have art on them that scream, wow!

Yes, it is a special place this Papaya Art. You must check them out!


Nicole said...

awesome site Kimberly...i can definitely see where they would inspire you!

lisa dickinson said...

such fun colorful stuff! thanks for the linky!

Amy Coose said...

Wow, that site looks amazing! I love their wrapping paper, too!

Larajc said...

those items are very inspirational...love the colors! Thank you for sharing!