Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bloomingdale's Big Window Challenge!

I have not forgotten about posting whom I voted for, daily for the BIG CHALLENGE at Bloomingdale's. But before we get started, I promised a random drawing RAK that included those of you who guessed correctly on the room design I voted for and guess what, HE WON!

Congratulations Rebecca: YOU WON!
Rebecca said...

you may not want to hear this - but i vote for the bloomingdales window with the Elle Decor window coming in at a close second :)

I'm thinking you are an fan of the Elle window.

January 25, 2010 8:34 AM

**email me your address and I will get your prize to you ASAP!**

This room has great inspiration.
To view the entire room go to Bloomingdale's Big Window Challenge!

I chose the ELLE Decor Window by Eddie Ross. The reason I chose his room is because I felt it was the most "free spirited and brightest room." I love the colors and the fact he mixed antiques with new. He really has a flair with color and his overall design was clean in the fact it was comfortable and I could see myself using a room of this "livable design." (is that a word, livable?)
I also found it was more versatile if one ever wanted to add/change up anything.

I did however, like the other two rooms. But I had issues with light, textures, choices of paintings/drawings and a rug that was in one of the rooms.

Overall, this room inspired me the most.


Rebecca said...

Yay! I won! Tried to email, but where is your email address or link on your blog? I guess I don't have your new address!

Kimberly said...

*reyanna klein* said...

Oh, cool!!! I liked that one best too. :-)

Amy Coose said...

I loved this window, too! We have good taste, don't we?

lisa truesdell said...

very cool contest - i love the apartment therapy one the best. =)