Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Nomad...

I was blessed with my son, Kaleb coming to our Kentuckiana home for 6 days. We were his "out of the way" visit on his pilgrimage to Gulfport, Mississippi. Of course, I had to take pictures of him before he left on his trip. He had changed so much since I last saw him in June '09. He has lost weight and was sporting a goatee' and I did my best to cook some of his favorite meals while he was home as well.
We had a great visit. Although it just was not long enough to get reacquainted. I think his visit with us was all about questions, advice, and seeking that "support" from the home front as he embarks on a new quest. I joked with him about being a nomad. He had liquidated many of his personal items to seek his dreams down South where fishing and the ocean have always called him deep within. The job market/lack thereof in the NE GA Mountains was the final decision to go ahead and seek out his dreams. He is camera shy but I told him I needed updated photos in case I did not hear from him and I had evidence he did exist. He simply laughs and said, "Mom, you are just going to scrap them!" So true. But that is what we "mommy scrappers" do, right?
I suppose being 20 years old, male, and having a dream allows one to travel and reach for a dream he has had since he was 10 years old. We of course, support his "nomadic" lifestyle. He has saved his money and wants to give the "itch" deep inside a "scratch." Kaleb has always been a "lone-wolf" but he now is in love. Yes, the girl went with him. She picked him up and they headed toward the gray Gulf (he sent iPhone pics) and he wants to be there out on the Gulf when it turns an emerald green.
I am happy in knowing we have family in Mobile and PerdidoKey (Pensacola)
to keep an eye on him and make sure he is safe and sound.
I wish for him great success and happiness. It's just hard to let him go but I know I must let him follow his dream wherever it may be. So, if one is to be a, is the time.


~~Mia~~ said...

So true Kimberly, you are a great Mom!!!!

(check out my blog if you want...I mentioned you on it ;)

Renée said...

((hugs)) Kimberly, your post reminds me of my traveling days, and what I did to my Mom:) I hear the same bittersweet not so excited but still excited for him following his dream in the tone of your typing. And My Mom made my relatives check up on me too:) lol

Shannon Wyman said...

Kimberly those are wonderful pictures of your son. You should be proud.. he sounds like a wonderful young man. ;)