Sunday, February 21, 2010

Making the MOST with my scraps!

Oh this morning is quite lovely here. The temperature is warmer and the sun is shining. I know Spring is on the way because we had 2 little rabbits in our back yard this morning.

Yesterday morning, I started scrapping. Well, altering to be exact(will post that project tomorrow.) But last night, I was talking with my friend who is recovering from surgery and she asked if I would make her a few cards that she could give as "thank you" notes to those who have taken the time to remember her, send flowers, and bring food to her home while she is in therapy to gain her strength. So, I took the scraps that were on my scrappy table and these are what I have come up with for her to send to special people.I simply love all of these papers. Creating these cards was quite fun and I enjoyed using my "table scraps" that would otherwise just sit for awhile longer.

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Shannon Wyman said...

I have often heard you say that cards are not your strong suit.. well my dear friend, I have to disagree. Your cards are beautiful! I'm sure your friend will be so pleased with what you've created for her.