Sunday, May 9, 2010

Proud FULL!

Oglethorpe University Commencement-Atlanta, Georgia
Saturday, the Eighth of May

My son, Stephen James Archer received his Bachelor of Science in Accounting!
In addition, Stephen received the Prestigious Award the James Edward Oglethorpe Award for his class. This is only given to one female and one male in each class. This was a grand surprise and we were so very proud!

Stephen graduated Cum Laude and the President of the Colleges made a comment that he was happy baseball season was over for now he could see Stephen's face. Stephen is a superstitious baseball player and did not shave throughout baseball season. Of course, this made everyone chuckle. How so very proud we are of his accomplishments and now he will begin the rest of his life with fortitude and grace. I know our son will do well in life.
We are proud of you Stephen.

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Lindasueanne said...

Congrats Stephen!!