Monday, May 31, 2010

Remembering today...

Today, I remember with loving thanks

Today is a day when we remember our fallen heroes. Those that paid the ultimate cost with their own lives for the sake of all Americans. I am from a military family. I have a military father(died in Vietnam), step-father(served in Vietnam), uncles, cousins, a brother, and of course
from the Greatest Generation, my grandfather.

The photo above is my Grandfather-Gartis G. Thornton, my grandmother-Bea, my mother-Brenda, and my uncle-Chuck.
(all deceased)

It has been said and I will say it again, without the our heroes we would not have democracy today in our everyday lives if it were not for the huge sacrifice that was given by our fallen heroes. We were a family that was lucky not to have to go on without a loved one but the scars that were left from WWII were never forgotten. My grandfather had a very hard time moving forward with life once he returned from the war.
He died in 1986.
My mother was the next to die from this family in 1988. My grandmother died last year, 3 days after her 90th birthday. My uncle died this year in April.

So, today... we remember the dead. It is morbid, yes. It is selfish, yes.
But I am living proof that life and generations continue after death. I am living proof that sacrifice from war whether it be during the war or the lingering memories that haunt ones life upon returning....still live on. I am proud to have been from a family that is military. I am proud that I grew up as an army brat. I am proud now, that I have a son who has served in Iraq and continues to serve our country.

Today...I remember you Papa!
Thank you for serving in Okinawa, Japan.


JoanneK said...

Loving Memorial post Kimberly!

Amy Coose said...

Great LO, and a sweet post. TFS!

Shannon Wyman said...

Beautiful tribute on this most important day.