Sunday, April 29, 2012

Creative Completeness...

 **Warning!  Heavy Photo Post**

Yes, Creative Completeness!
That is how I would describe my yesterday!  I spent some quality scrapbooking time with some of my sisters and  brothers. 4 classes, 100 creative souls, laughter, giggles, sharing, cutting, and inspiring one another with stories and ideas.  Now, that is a day to be cherished and scrap about. 
We had a fabulous host Scrapbook Village and Barren River Lodge and Resort.

Preparing for Class Participants

Garden Book Class
 This is the class that I taught.  We used some fabulous products by Moxxie
 I enjoyed sharing some ideas with these ladies and 
they were all fabulous students and I too learned from them. 
 So, as I promised them and without further ado...
Opening Ceremonies 1

Opening Ceremonies 2

Opening Ceremonies 3

Opening Ceremonies 4

With great anticipation and excitement we all gathered in the grand ball room with instruction for the day and to make sure that everyone knew the flow of moving from class to class.  
Each class was 1.5 hours with 30 minutes breaks and an hour for lunch.
With class packets, schedules, and supplies in hand..."they are OFF!"

Class 1

Class 2

We all were blessed with some special "parents" amongst us.  I was not aware that most foster children do not have pictures of themselves as they are not in one place for very long or for whatever reason they do not have photos of events or just day to day happenings that they can reflect upon when they get older or share with their families.  So, we were pleased to know that we had a set of 2 parents that took the scrapbooking classes and absorbed all of our crazy fun and addiction to learn a way to preserve and give to the children that share their homes if only for a short while, something that they can take with them.  
A memory.  Preserved.  A story.  A history.  Something that belongs just to that special child.  
Okay, that simply swells my heart and chokes me up.
 I have never thought of NEVER having a photo or a story to share behind a photograph. 

New Story Tellers and Memory Keepers
Everyone that took my class had a chance to learn why I keep stories with my photos.  They also learned the inspiration behind the "Garden Book."  They all learned that we do not "gossip" and share photos.  
They learned that we are "storytellers" with photos.  We just love adding that creative touch to make them more special.  I hope one thing that I got across is how important it is to tell the story behind the photo.  
If they use their own handwriting, it is more special to the reader.

Class 3

What can I say?  Out of all the people in the many backgrounds, family histories, economic status, or color of ones skin...nothing compares to the heart and love of scrapbooking memory keeping storytellers.  They simply, "ROCK!"

Class 4

The heart of a storyteller creating her stage to tell a story.  
Share a photo with a wonderful memory.
She tells the story to all who will listen or care to gander within her special albums.

A scrapbooker tells the whole story.  
The smells that were about that day.
The music that was playing.
Giggling so hard that ones drink went through their nose and made us bust a stitch that we to this very day remember and tell the story over and over. 
 It has been written down and the scrapbooker has a picture to go with it.  
You can bet your boots on that!

So, ladies and gentlemen...until next year.  
Take a photo, write down the details, and tell your story.
I want to hear them all!

I enjoyed sharing with each and every one of you!

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julie said...

kimberly what a wonderful post!! looks like fun was had by all. i love the story about the foster children!!