Tuesday, April 17, 2012

This and of Course..."that!"

Last week we went to the Nashville Zoo and I simply fell in love with the color of the Flamingo.
  They were just adoringly wonderful and who would not love this color, huh?
I love their color

So, yesterday the doodling bug bit me again.  I really have not drawn or painted anything in quite a while and I am preparing myself for some elementary lessons before I take Flora's painting class.  I am really excited about it.  It is "my" summer camp for sure.  So, last night I grabbed an old journal and started to just play with color and move my Copic Markers around and see what happened.
I enjoyed the flow process of this doodle.  
Then I looked back at it later and realized it reminded me of the album cover, GODSPELL.  
Remember that one? 
This is actually an entire profile.  
But I cropped it after photographing as I am not sure I like it or not.
I do however, love the nose.  Inspired by the love of my life.
Not sure what was going on here...but trying out some doodles and adding color as an after thought. 
 This is of course a work in progress.
Inspired by my dog and her crazy hair...
Doodling Simply Gives me the Warm Fuzzies!

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