Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Little Pictoral Review

Today, my family and I are heading down to Vanderbilt for a few of my physician appointments.  However, we are taking a detour to the Nashville Zoo.  I have not been to the zoo since the day I turned 40.  
That is how I spent my 40th Birthday, at the Atlanta Zoo. 
 So, I am excited to see what type of habitats and animals that are just a few miles South of us here in Bowling Green, Kentucky.  You know my camera will be going with me today!
So, what has been happening lately?
Bri waiting to be seen by the doctor.

X-Ray of knee and hip area (left).

Brianna hurt herself and fell wrong last weekend and we ended up in the emergency room.  She bruised her femur and hip.  She was in constant pain for most of the day.  Rest and ibuprofen were what the doctor ordered and of course her Daddy "babied" her all day.  It was quite scary if I say so myself.
All is well now.  She is back to normal.

On Good Friday, we went to see the matinee showing of Titanic in 3-D.
I must say, I do enjoy seeing the movie on big screen.  This is Brianna's favorite movie.  She loves the story line of Jack and Rose.  She has a great curiosity of everything "Titanic."  

Our Easter Eggs

Kaleb and Mom (me) - Easter 2012  
Kaleb joined us for Easter services at church. 
 We then went for brunch at Applebee's.
It was perfect.

On the weight-loss front, I am officially down 82 pounds but seem to be in a stall.  I hope this is the result of muscle gain as my inches are decreasing by the day.  
All of my "new" clothes are already too big.  Speaking of which, I cleaned out my closet and am putting all of my business attire and clothing to sell in a consignment shop.  I have about 7 garments hanging in my big walk in closet.  Crazy, huh?  This was a huge step for me.  I kept hanging onto them in fear of gaining my weight back.  But you know what?  I WILL KEEP IT OFF!  This is my life now.  The gym, eating right, being active, and taking life in fully and drinking lots of water along the way.  
I feel great!
Another self-portrait.  I am enjoying seeing the "new me."  Too many years I hid from the camera.  Not anymore...I am diving into life and in my books you will see pictures of me as well.  Not just my daily photos of family and activity.  I am now officially "foot printed" into life.

Have a great week.  
I will update you with photos from the Nashville Zoo for sure.

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Mrs. Gick said...

You look amazing! Congratulations on your life changes and commitment to yourself! You and your family deserve the best YOU! :)