Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Life is Happening Faster these Days

What has been going on?  Lots!  Recently had the living room and kitchen repainted.  I am purging my rooster collection.  Still deciding to divide it up and give to my children and their families or simply sell it at a local consignment store.  The roosters are all over 14 years.  The only two I will keep will be the roosters my mother made when she was pregnant with me and they will be handed down, of course.  I went to a Crop for A Cure in February.  I really enjoy getting together and sharing creative time with other paper addicts.  So, today I finally took photos of the pages I completed in 8 hours.  Minus the giggles, eating and googling other work from great ladies. 
In addition, the following:
Lunch with one of my best friends and taking in the warm weather
Soaking in some natural Vitamin D
Reading a Book
Spring Break camping for the week
Creating a special Baby Shower Announcement
So, here without further ado...

This Summer is going to be fabulous. 
New babies being born, vacations, travel, and lots of outside fun.
Seriously, I cannot wait to soak in the rays!

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