Saturday, March 27, 2010

Yes, I am still here...

I work today and have to get ready in a few but time is simply swooshing bye so quickly this year. Our son, Stephen graduates from College in about 1 month. We are planning his graduation gifts and it simply takes me back to pictures and glimpses of time. How exciting this time is when one passes another milestone. When in college, one has their foot in youth and one foot in adulthood. Stephen is on the top step about to take the leap to walk forward in life and make his mark. To graduate from college brings back my college memories and the doors I walked through and left a mark after achieving "on paper" the milestone that set me for success. It can be scary, but at the same time it is an overwhelming feeling of, "I DID IT!" I am proud of him and I know that he will be successful in his walk that will lead to many levels of steps. There is only, "up!"
"Time," is that thing that flashes by in seconds and then the moments one reflects upon after new wrinkles, a few gray hairs, many fashion statements, and melodies that take you back when heard on the radio...seem to be more important later rather than in the "real time" in which they were happening seems to brush by ones face as if to say, "look back." Remember that?

I am "officially" middle aged and I know the saying that is going on right now that "40" is the new "30" and so on...but really? No. To go back is not an option. To change the path one took is not an option. To change the direction of the path taken is the conscious choice to make a difference. How precious time and memories have become after embarking on what is the precipice of life. It is simply to live the best life that one can have.
The control and choice is in the decision maker.

Reflections can be melancholy or "happy lines!" I choose the path/direction of "happy lines." They are well deserved.

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lisaplus5 said...

these pages are beautiful! all of the details are amazing! the bottom page is my favorite! i love the photo and the way it is all pulled together! lovely! :)