Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer Camp...

This is the most quiet our house has ever been. Feels kinda empty. 22 years of laughter and hearing ones name being called, "MOM-Dad?" We are on hour 20 of no little voice with a question or saying, "wanna hear my song I wrote?" We dropped off our little girl at summer camp yesterday. Not just any camp but the camp where "WATERLILLIES Bloom!" It is Girl Scout Camp at Pennyroyal (Utica, KY) and it is a week filled with swimming and all kinds of water activities. We have been preparing for over two weeks. Last week I told Bri that she really needs to learn to braid her hair for swimming and she convinced me she could do it right up until about Friday! Her hair was in knots and quite frankly, too long for her to care completely on her own. Let's face it...7 years old and pulling ones hair back is not a priority at this age. So, what we did was cut off her hair. She is sporting a new sassy look. I convinced her it would grow back. Her hair was down below her waste and past her fanny when wet. So we bobbed it off and I think she will do well with shorter locks. 6 days and 5 nights is a long time to have her do her own hair with no-one to help her out.
So, I am sure this Waterlily will do just fine now.
We waited in the air conditioned van until they unlocked the gates. We arrived too early as we thought we could walk the campgrounds. But to "Daddy's" surprise he was pleased it is set up like Fork Knox.

The stamp on hand means Bri is all checked in and ready for fun. I mean, who would not have fun with the names of counselors like, "Lunchbox," "String Bean," and "Pickle?"

The drop off was uneventful. She was ready. Hugs and a "I will see you on Friday!"
She was already engaging in conversation with new friends as we drove out the gate.

So, it was a quiet ride back home. It was a quiet evening last night. My thoughts travel to her from my heart. I miss her. But then I know...this is a growing time for her.
An experience she will always remember.

Summer Camp-it is a right of passage I believe.

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Shannon Wyman said...

I think your daughters new hair cut is ADORABLE!! It really gives her a whole new look.. playful and fun, and it really suits her too!

I hope she has a wonderful time at camp, and mommy and daddy enjoy the alone time too!