Saturday, June 26, 2010


I love summer. I am currently sporting a FABULOUS tan.
(mascara only needed when out and about)
I swim nearly everyday and am loving it.
Life is good.
The weather is warm.
(okay, HOT and Humid)
The sun is shining, daily! (apparently, this is what happens when suntan oil gets on your iPhone camera lens)

This weekend our daughter will be attending her first "over night" camp!
She will be gone just shy of a week and our house is all about the excitement.
The camp is 1.5 hours away and it promises to be quite the time.
The camping is rustic and we are prepared for anything.
Brianna is quite pleased with herself these days.
She is now jumping off the diving board and and in one day,
she went off the board into 12' 6" water 49 times.
This is a sure fire way to wear oneself out and sleep soundly through the night.
Ahhhh, summer!
Our mid-summer vacation to Perdido Key has been cancelled because our beach near the house has been officially closed due to the Disastrous Spill in the Gulf.

Well, we are off for more water fun today...
So, how is your SUMMERTIME?

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