Friday, June 18, 2010

Tiger Beat, remember?

I can remember living at Fort Hood, Texas and Saturday mornings a group of us "pre-teens and teens" would walk to the "little store" on base and buy a Slurpee, gum, and the ultimate...TIGER BEAT!

I recently "un-earthed" an old Tiger Beat in a container that had many things from my room when I was younger. I think my mother put them away for me in the idea of a "time capsule." While I was really into many different singing artists, bands, and stood out for me.
You remember, Robby Benson?!
Yes, he had the bluest of eyes.
So, I Googled him and checked out is Bio.
Hard to believe, but he is 11 years older than me.
It sure did not seem he was that older when he played in "Ode to Billie Jo."
Anyway, I was shocked to read that he was the voice of the "Beast" in Disney's "Beauty and the Beast." Shows you how much attention I pay to credits when I have seen it at least 30 times with my daughter.

In any case, he was one of my teen throbs and his picture was plastered on my closet door along with many others. But he stands out to me in a silent yet mysterious way. I think he is still handsome and I believe I would actually sign up for one of his classes at NYU...if I did not have a family. There's a clue....we grow up and look fondly back on memories that make us smile and take us back for just a millisecond and we are 13 again.

Well, I am a HUGE fan of The Tudors.
Jonathan Rhys Meyers reminds me a great deal of Robby Benson.

Robby above...Jonathan below

Am I the only one that sees it?
Not sure, but I do know...
when I think of Robby Benson I am 13 years old again
and when I watch The Tudors I am soaking in every detail of every scene.

So do you think Robby and Jonathan look a bit alike? Let me is all in fun ya know.
Yeah it's me...just an old lady yapping!


Valerie said...

He's still gorgeous! My friends and I would walk to the local candy shop and buy the Slurpees and Tiger Beats, too. I loved that magazine and my walls were also plastered with the pin ups!
Yes, they do look alike - love them both. Robby is still looking mighty fine, indeed!

Jamie said...

Jamie here, He is still about the finest man around w/ those eyes & his lips. OMG I still have all my magazines w/ him in them. And yes i had them plastered on my wall 2, thanks for the chat!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree that he looks like Jonathan Rhys Meyers. If you google one of his lesser known films, "Just a Dream" you will see a pic of him in character...a dead ringer for JRM.