Saturday, January 21, 2012

New Member of the Family!

Last weekend was much more dismal than this weekend.  The veterinarian called our home on Tuesday night and we spoke for about 45 minutes.  Dr. Matt Paxton at Greysone Animal Hospital  said he has been taking care of a little Maltese puppy that was run over by car about 3 weeks ago.  He saved her little life and is trying to find a family that will love her and take care of her.  Well, due to Brianna's allergies we were reluctant to take in a dog.  But low and behold, I took my lunch hour and went to see Dr. Matt Paxton and had a meet and greet with Chynna.  She was loving from the get go and I fell in love with her.  He also said that if Brianna could not handle Chynna due to her allergies that he would take her back.  So, on Wednesday night I picked Brianna up from after school and we went to the Greystone Animal Hospital as a family (Brian met us there) and met with Chynna.  One and a half hours later...we were once again, dog owners of a Maltese.  

Allow me to introduce you to, Chynna (China).

Chynna is love.  She is sweet and we enjoy her very much.  Brianna's allergies started acting up on Thursday but with a dose of Benadryl in the evenings, we think the allergy sniffle will subside with the evening dose.  Brianna is in love and is so happy.

This morning we take Chynna back to Dr. Paxton and she has her stitches removed from her spay surgery.
I believe this is a good decision to add to our family.  She has already made a big burly guy turn into a baby talking cuddle fiend and myself...lots of happy greetings when I get home from work makes me smile!

Welcome to the family, CHYNNA!


Robin said...

Welcome Chynna. How cute she is.. Congrats to the new parents!

jamie long said...

what a cutie!

Kelly said...

What a cutie pie xxx