Sunday, January 22, 2012

Such a Dreary Day!

Okay, so I have managed to kill most of my day by getting sucked in and watching the HBO Documentary Series of the West Memphis 3.  All I can say, "wow!"

Yesterday I scrapped a bit and started my Project Life pages.  I must say that it is not as fast going as some claim it to be.  It so depends on how one wants to document the week or day by day happenings.  Considering I do not have the Style A pages as clearly most everyone has, I decided that I would customize it to what I have and what I want to share.  I do know that if I use too many of my pictures I will not scrap them later.  I guess that is when it hit me that this project is perfect for single people or those that use it for the purpose of sharing their weekly events with pictures or they do not scrap.
  So, I am "out" on the opinion if I like it or not. 
It is truly time consuming and it might be different if I had the Style A pockets.  
But I am already behind the "8-Ball" and
the back order on this particular style has no estimate of when it will be available.
So, here is what I have so far.
Title Page

First Week in January 2012

I am still not convinced I will continue with this type of record keeping.
  But I am committed to give it a go for at least a few months.
I have never been one to do what "others" do and in their styles.  But I do love the concept.  I am sure I will or at least try to make it work for me.  If not, no loss.  I can give my Clementine goodies to my daughter.

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