Sunday, April 11, 2010

Danville, Kentucky...

Yesterday, my beloved and my darling daughter went to visit and watch or son, Stephen play baseball in Danville, Kentucky. I had to work and they headed out early in the AM to catch some "BOYS of Summer" play our favorite past-time sport. Baseball has been so much of our lives since the boys were younger.
Now, Stephen is a Senior and will graduate from Oglethorpe University on May 8th and it is a bitter sweet feeling for him I am sure. His love for baseball is more than a passion, it has been his life along with studies for many years. I was not there but the camera are some photos my beloved Brian took. He said he needed to learn my camera. But I feel he did alright.

The BEST NEWS! Oglethorpe Played a Double Header with Centre College and won both games. They will now head to the playoffs for their college division.

The GREATEST NEWS! My beloved got to watch his son hit a HOME RUN and he said he was overwhelmed with great pride at that moment.

I know ... I can imagine the glimpses of time that must of run through his mind. T-ball, Little League, Dixie League, and The World Series for Dixie when we were in thunderstorms and high humidity in Memphis several years back. The countless Bing Cherries I used to buy when we spent the weekends on the bleachers and soaked in the rays on our knees and arms. Usually one side got burnt and the other just pink. I am reminded of washing uniforms at 11 PM at night so that it was cleaned for the next game the following day as I hurried from work to watch a game that excited my soul.
I remember taking the boys and their friend to the Home Opener for the Braves and freezing our fanny off to only be warmed up by mid-afternoon and soaking in all Turner Field Fun.
Memories...they come at the craziest times and they are triggered by new memories as well. But this was a special day. Although I was not there my soul and heart sure were! Here is a boy who has become a man and grew up playing baseball. Here is a man that is literally on the cusp of starting his career in life working with math, numbers, checks , and balances. Here is the man who would as a child be depressed if a game was lost to another team. But this day, he WON! His Team WON! He was greeted at Home Plate and his father was witness to a day of elation, pride, love, and memories that will stand out in time for years to come.
How very precious this day was/is...

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