Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Girlfriend Party!

We had such a good time Tuesday evening! I hosted a "Girlfriend Party" at Dillard's where I work to highlight a clothing line by Daniel Nygard. We had all the trimmings of goodies to eat with little cheesecakes and Godiva Chocolates. Clinique gave us special gifts for our games and Estee Lauder chipped in with some samples for our "go home" gift bags along with several other companies that have scents to sample that we sell at Dillard's in our perfume department. It was a SMASHING success of fun! So, here are a few photos from our "Girlfriend Party!"
Here is a glimpse of our little room where we could chat it up, eat, and giggle!Robin going through her purse like a MAD WOMAN as she was determined to win the prize.
Jane, Kathy, and Charla enjoying our little game. I think Kelleen was intense on seeing who could seek out the "finds" in their purses.
Jane was the big winner!
Robin came back later with gangbusters and won the word game.
So, she did get her prize after all.

This is my new friend at work, Kelleen. She was my co-host for the party. She is a Nygard Specialist and we really enjoyed being personal shoppers for our "Girlfriends!"Conservative Jane "stepping out of the box" and choosing some whimsical tops to try on!

The "gathering of the clothes for the massive Z-Bar we filled up to take to the dressing room!"
Jennifer could not decide on what she, she loaded up plenty to try on in the dressing room and she was so excited at all of the fun clothes!
Jane and Kathy

Have you ever wondered what happens in a dressing room full of "girlfriends" and clothes? Well, there is loads of clothing, giggles, and gawking in the mirror. Pure adrenaline and fun!

Here is a small peek at the fun!Charla's new dress! She was absolutely GIDDY about it!Group shot where Jennifer (middle) could not decide on PINK or BLUE....
Blue is it GIRLFRIEND!This calls for NEW SHOES and Make-up! Yes, we had a great time and next time have a GIRLFRIEND Party and SHOP, Giggle, Eat Chocolate, and have fun!
We sure did...


Shannon Wyman said...

That looks like fun Kimberly!! Looks like Dillards was a step in the right direction! ;)

JoanneK said...

How fun!!!! Hey...why aren't you in any pics! Fabulous shopping experience....that's an awesome way to spend time with friends!