Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Ugly Flower?

This Spring the Dandelions are everywhere! They are popping up in the most manicured lawns across our neighborhood. Gardeners are out even in the darkness sprinkling their lawns with weed and feed and trying to get rid of the "unsightly" little yellow dandelion that opens when the sun rises and closes when the sun sets. I think God loves this flower. It follows his brightest planet searching for the light and the warmth. But "we" have taken the liberty to get rid of this plant. God had a purpose for the yellow flower. It is across fields, on the sides of main highways, and even pops up between cement that man has put on the earth so we can park our cars on a paved pad. There are commercials to STAMP OUT the weeds. Are they weeds really? Are they ugly, really? Not to me. They may not be what "the public as a whole" sees as beautiful but God created them and they are in fact beautiful. But we get out our pesticides and feed our lawns with "anti-weed" killers in hopes of only seeing green and not the "yellow" popping up. I just wonder...who decided that Dandelions were ugly? Who made the ultimate decision that they are pests? But in any case, we strive to stamp them out of our lawns and will spend a great deal of money doing just that...

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