Saturday, April 10, 2010


Yes, it is back! Tie Dye is everywhere these days. I guess Rhupert from Survivor is once again back in fashion. Tie Dying is very fun and this year for Easter this is what we did with our eggs.
The dying of the tie! In either case,
it was hard to just use 3 colors and then some quickly turned
to mud.
No matter though, we had a great time.
Our regular traditions were augmented a bit this year, but still...we had fun creating and watching The Ten Commandments together. There is something that is special about a classic movie that tells a great story in history and sharing the love of art all in one sitting.
I was exhausted after working and when we were creating our bits of fun for Easter morning,
I realized I was not tired after all.
My love for my family gives me great energy to keep mustering onward.
Love is so powerful!!

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