Monday, August 31, 2009

Air and Light

It's almost September 1st. Have you noticed a crisp gentle breeze in the air? How about the light? It is changing and seems to be clearer to me. The nip in the air is on the brink of Autumn. I can see small changes in the leaves of the trees. The corn in the fields has yielded its last and is becoming tan, brown, and dried. The sure sign that the harvest season is here. Summer is my favorite time of the year. I must admit though, I am looking forward to Fall in Kentucky. There are more hardwoods here than there are pines. So, I know the Fall color will be spectacular.
But I am still keeping one foot in Summer and
I want to share my Butterfly Photos with you that I took in mid-August at the Butterfly House at the Lost River Cave.
It was a wonderful HOT day to be sure..but we enjoyed venturing out and getting to know what is around us in our new city.
Hope you enjoy the photos as much as I do.
(update: everyone said my post was in code, I hope you can see it now-not sure what was up with blogspot)


lisa truesdell said...

beautiful photos! we're feeling fall roll in here, too. we needed jackets this morning!

Amy Coose said...

OK, I think I'm missing something, because your post is in code???

lisa dickinson said...

super gorgeous photos! WOW! I'd be scrapping those beauties pronto! :)

Denise said...

The symbols speak to me. LOL! I can see your photos...just not your posting. I love the photos though. :o)

Erika said...

I LOVE watching butterflies - I could sit and do it for hours :)

Amy Coose said...

Much better, LOL!! Great pics!