Sunday, August 23, 2009

Reflecting back to Georgia...

Friendships and Rambling
Noise of Memories this Sunday Morning.

Things have just flown this summer for our family. The 4th of July was spent with our good friends Jon & Ronda. I have not touched on what we did for the 4th as two days later our home was being packed and we arrived in Bowling Green, KY on the 9th. I really have not had time to look at the 204 photos I took while we enjoyed good wine, bar-b-que, daiquiris, and the all time favorite summer dessert. I do miss our friends and going over to their home for great conversations and sharing our lives with one another. Our friendship started when my son, Zachary was going on a date with their daughter Aisha when they were in the 10th grade. She is in college and well, Zachary is married now and has a career in the US Army. We kept our friendship alive through church and sharing our faith with one another. We have shared traditions and holiday dinners with one another. We have gone through cancer, death, graduations, and family dynamic changes together. We have a special relationship that now miles and two states separate us. These types of friendships are real binds that last forever. So, today this Sunday, I miss my friends. I miss the giggles, jokes, and simply hanging out. My hope is that we will meet new friends here in Bowling Green that we can connect with and enjoy these same type events and evenings of conversations and sharing our lives with on a daily basis. It is hard at our age to completely uproot our lives and find these types of friendships. Most people our age have their friendship circles and it is hard to find those that are willing to open that circle and let new people in and share. We do have friends that have relocated to this area for the same reasons as we have and those are relationships that are turning into friendships but you know the old saying, do not mix pleasure with work. This can be a two edged sword. But I have found one friend that is a little older than us and I spent the weekend with her here in Bowling Green. She is single and is juggling two homes right now. She is giving herself 3 months to decide whether or not stay. I hope she stays. I need that "female" friendship to laugh and have fun with from time to time. Looking back through these fun photos I am reminded of the saying I heard Paula Deen say once, "Just because there is snow on the roof, does not mean the fire is out!" This is what I think of when I look at the gray in my husband's hair. So, I did buy a box of that "Just for Men" color treatment. He has not used it but maybe he will. He still has the best sense of humor in the world! Gotta love that.
So, I am hoping that in time...we will again meet friends here in our new State to sit down and maybe share a memory or two and create new ones..."Time Tells All Stories, Huh?"


Marcie said...

Moving away is never easy, but I'm sure you will make new friends before you know it!

Shannon Wyman said...

I loved reading your post Kimberly. So many emotions are attached to all these changes, it's difficult to express at times. I know you will create new friendships in your new community.. after all, what's not to like?? You are one of the most kind and inspiring ladies I know. ;)