Sunday, August 30, 2009

Greener Grounds!

Well, I have to introduce my newest friend. She also relocated to Bowling Green from the Atlanta area. She works with the same company as my husband. So, we have decided to become shopping buddies and yes, last weekend we vamped around the area to a few pubs and such to see what the nightlife was all about here in BG. Robin (my new friend), is from Long Island, NY. She has already moved once with the company and now a second time. BG is really a different place from where Robin is used to. Let's think about it, New York City to Atlanta...okay, that is comparable somewhat...but then Bowling Green to both of the cities? Um, not so much. Robin is adventurous and funny. She commands heads turning wherever we go and it must be her blond curly locks and vivacious personality. I like her a great deal and we tend to have the same opinions about things. One thing for certain, we are in love with an Upscale Consignment store here in Bowling Green called, Lulu's. It is to DIE FOR FUN and I could spend at least 3 hours looking. Of course, we both did not get out of there without purchasing some goodies. It is a place one has to check in on at least twice a week to be sure to not miss out on anything. Then we headed over to the Greener Groundz. It is a quaint little cafe that has a "hint" of that old hippie/new age style with a somewhat healthier way of eating. They bake fresh bagels and breads daily and the atmosphere is bright and comfortable. Local art surrounds the walls with hints of local flavor of 'going green.' Each night of the week they have a special such as family pizza night and wine night where you can taste a new wine and enjoy a local cheese farmer and his specialty cheeses. You can purchase day old bread here and the spot for these items was already empty by the time we had arrived. Okay, one thing that Robin enjoys is shoe shopping. Not just going into a store and spotting a shoe and saying, "oh, I like this." Robin gets the shoes, tries them on, and BAM....they are hers. She gathers great joy in her shoes. While I do not share this fetish of shoes, it was quite the exuberant experience watching her go from pair to pair. We checked out a few other places and ended our day in the early afternoon. As we parted, Robin was getting ready to head out for another experience of Grape Stomping and a Concert at a Vineyard toward the Tennessee/Kentucky line. Robin does not stop. She is definitely a CITY GIRL finding her way in a conservative small city that has spots of flavor. So, yes...I had a good Saturday. Now, for some scrapping and laundry. Sounds fun, huh?

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Lovin' Life said...

Sounds like a fun day, so glad you have made a friend!!!!