Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Me and "her" shadow....box!

Alone at home this morning I was gazing at the fabulous Basic Grey June Bug Paper Line. I had purchased it before leaving Atlanta when I cropped with my friend Sue one last time before moving to Kentucky. This morning I did not want to create a layout. This paper needed to be displayed in a different way. So, I went back into some of my scrappy goodies that I wanted to alter and I found my daughter's magnetic paper doll case that was essentially a shadow box. Each box contained the magnetic clothes the dolls would wear. The larger section in the middle was where the dolls were to be stored with their stands. But as we all know, toy pieces never go back in the way they were packaged. So, I kept the shadow box for me to alter and display some of my favorite rubber stamps. I changed my mind after looking at these gorgeous papers. The colors are funky, vibrant, and just plain fun. Perfect for this shadow box. I hope you like it as much as I do.
Tonight, we will hang it in my daughter's room.
This is the back of the shadow box. I originally stained it and then I changed my mind.
But you can see what kinds of things used to live in the little boxes.
The Finished ProductSo, you see...recycling is not so bad after all. Scrap outside the "box!"


Rebecca said...

Kimberly - Love this! Way to re-use!

Sherry said...


Shannon Wyman said...

This turned out so wonderful Kimberly, I love it!