Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hot, Humid, and Exploring Our Surroundings...

Yesterday was a lot of fun although it was so hot and humid that just stepping outside was a facial and sauna time. We got up early and cleaned our yard and then got dressed to go to the Lost River Cave. It has quite the history and the story I love the best is that it used to be a night club. It was the only "natural" area that was so cool everyone enjoyed going to the nightclub because of the cool temperature it maintains at the mouth of the opening. The Civil War History is pretty intense and the Blue Holes are simply a natural wonder. We enjoyed our "hot hike" and visiting the butterfly house as well. The boat ride into the cave was inviting because of the coolness from the heat of the day. It was really hard to get photos as the flash was bouncing off the water and the sides of the cave walls. So, for this day...we were tourists and enjoyed every minute of it. We finally came home and enjoyed our air conditioned home and simply relaxed. We are taking the time to enjoy the "simple" things get prepared for a visit from a friend from the Atlanta area next week. I have lots of new 'scrappy items' to play with and mounds of great photos to get cracking on and display on one of my pages. Have a terrific week and stay cool!

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