Monday, August 24, 2009

My Creative Itch

Did you know you can scratch My Creative Itch? HA! Well, I took a small leap and started putting some of my art out there on Etsy and see what happens. I have much more to upload but these are what I created on Saturday while the family was in Atlanta. Please feel free to make comment. You will NOT hurt my feelings.

So, here goes...Tree of Life

Maple Jewel

Maple Jewel-Loner


Be sure to check back in my little Etsy Shop as I will be uploading more paintings.
Thanks for taking a gander.


Allison said...

Love that tree! Beautiful!

Erika said...

OMG totally LOVE that first one. Good luck I am SURE you will do well on ETSY!!!!

*reyanna klein* said...

These look so cool! Good luck in your new venture! :)

lisa truesdell said...

very cool pieces - wishing you the best of luck on etsy!

Shannon Wyman said...

My fav of the bunch is the first one of the tree. The over all color palette you have chosen here is so beautiful.

Congrats on your new Etsy store, your work in fantabulous girl!

Sasha said...

Simply uhmazin .. love it

Erica said...

OMGosh Kimberly they are gorgeous- you are one talented lady.